With a portfolio of products to meet the needs of all environments and applications alike, TTE represents world leading brands in the UAE. We have an extensive range of refrigeration equipment and all related solutions applicable within this segment. At TTE, we aim to meet the unique and ever-increasing demands of the market.

Heat Exchangers

Optimize the heat transfer in HVAC, district energy and freshwater systems with Danfoss’ range of brazed, gasketed and welded heat exchangers or freshwater distillers.


A selection of heavy duty condensers for both air conditioning and refrigeration applications. These are high capacity sustainable condensers that are mindful of the environment and the energy consumed.

Refrigeration Compressors

Energy efficient, sustainable and smart reciprocating refrigeration compressors for commercial applications, using multiple technologies and refrigerants.


Evaporators are used for wide variety of diverse applications in refrigeration and air conditioning processes and are available in wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs.

Condensing Unit

Condensing Units with high energy efficiency and cooling performance, a trouble-free and future-proof installation, and a sustainable choice to minimize the environmental impact.

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