Our portfolio includes all components, devices and parts related to ducts and fittings. Our quality products meet the unique requirements of all kinds of projects efficiently.

HVAC Duct Wraps

Designed for thermal efficiency, condensation control, and noise reduction, our wraps enhance energy efficiency and maintain consistent temperatures. Proper installation is crucial, ensuring optimal performance and compliance with safety standards.

Pre-Insulated Duct

UL 181 listed as a Class 1 Air Duct, with safety standard UL 181 (factory made air ducts & air connectors). Ideal for projects where existing building structures have insufficient load capacity for new service loads. Low weight fabricated ductwork and quick installation. Reduced labor and material, including fixing leading to cost-savings without compromising performance. Low air-leakage.


CLIMAVER® Knife (Material code: TR808159) is a Supporting accessory used during duct assembly and is a durable steel blade that has a hybrid blade to help easily cut boards and clean overlaps. CLIMAVER® Cutters knife also comes with a sheath for safety and easy handling.


CLIMAVER® Toolbox with 3 MM and 2MTR tools are used for cutting panels. The toolbox includes 3 cut-to-fit spaces to store the stapler, the staples and replacement blades.

CLIMAVER® MM Angle Guide

CLIMAVER® MM Aluminium Angle Guide is a special tool with predefined angles (90 °, 22.5 ° and 45 °)
that simplifies duct measuring and cutting operations during fabrication.


CLIMAVER® Staples, Staple Pins or Stapler Guns are an easy-to-use, durable hand tool specially developed to house a 14mm stapler pin to fix the overlap flanges during fabrication and joining CLIMAVER® ducts in accordance with the SDM.

Duct Tapes

We have cloth-backed pressure-sensitive coated with polyethylene duct tapes and also UL181A-P Aluminum Foil Tape. There are a variety of constructions using different backings and adhesives, and the term ‘duct tape’ has been genericized to refer to different cloth tapes with differing purposes.

Duct Connector

A Duct Connector eliminates noise vibrations in ducts. Fabrics available are Vinyl, Neoprene, Silicon, Hypalon and Polyurethane Canvas.