Integrated solutions

A fully accredited Energy Savings Company (ESCO), we take pride in our capability to offer 360° energy and solar services that help clients across all sectors. Over five decades of experience in the region has enabled us to strengthen our capabilities to offer unique integrated solutions as the consultant, implementation and maintenance partner to clients, contributing towards their sustainability goals.

Customer focus

TTE’s energy efficient technology, products, knowledge and processes provides customers a significant opportunity to reduce cost while improving operating performance. The priority is given to increasing the lifespan of the building and its equipment. Improved asset value leads to enhancement of occupant comfort while contributing to a cleaner environment.

Building life-cycle

A detailed walk-through energy audit of the existing building equipment by a qualified certified energy professional, a historical energy use analysis, and review of provided documentation and identification of potential energy saving measures is part of our energy audit exercise. Efficiency in operational energy can lead to significant economic savings and have a positive impact on the carbon footprint of the building and combating climate change. Energy audits help identify potential areas, suggest energy saving measures, retrofit solutions, operation and maintenance plan. They bring to fore inherent design errors and miscalculations and their remedial measures.

Future-facing ideology

Sustainability is a growing priority in the Middle East, especially within the UAE, which has taken several significant steps to deliver on climate action including financing clean energy projects and becoming the first nation to commit to net zero emissions by 2050. At TTE, we believe that the use of green technology will be important in improving the environmental and social impact of businesses.

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