Effectively balancing space with capacity, TTE’s range of Parking Lifts include an impressive portfolio of fully automated or manual lifts that help double, triple or even quadruple the vehicle capacity for any parking space and are applicable to home garages as well as commercial areas. Our expertise in this area ensures the highest quality output with technically advanced solutions, customizable as per requirements of the customer.

Each car lift requires a special study due to its application and project’s requirements. TTE’s expertise in car lifts segment reduces the project’s risk and ensures the right solution and products are offered to its customers. TTE is partnered with specialized car lift manufacturers in Italy with the aim of putting into practice technological solutions for overcoming a lack of parking spaces in cities. TTE is a leading designer and manufacturer, providing clients with key solutions for all customized lifting needs. The company has developed the best techniques and world class custom lifting solutions, which gives it a competitive advantage.

Range of Parking Solutions

Vehicle Lifts for Parking

The range of floor to floor Car Elevators offered are state-of-the-art technologically advanced solutions that cater to every need of the customer. Our easy-to-install scissor car lift structures, are designed to lift vehicles as heavy as 4000 kgs or more, to up to 6 meters high. Our side acting hydraulic car lift features a sturdy steel-structure powered by heavy duty cylinders which can even lift 2 cars at a single platform up to a height if 12 meters. The platforms are made of anti-skid material or recessed to accept any kind of marble, tile, interlock and even a synthetic grass top. For outdoor use, the lift can be customized to have a roof that would also fill the shaft opening at street level allowing transiting of cars above it.

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Underground Hidden Car Lifts

Underground Car Parking Lifts are currently trending as one of the modern parking space solutions in luxury villas in the UAE.  We also offer outdoor versions with roof covers allowing transiting of cars above it and well concealed platforms below the ground, leaving no evidence of a car parked beneath. The platform is well concealed below the ground so that there’s no evidence that a car is parked when the lift is lowered. A galvanized pit frame for collecting water at the opening is provided with for outdoor use.

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Car Turn Tables

The perfect solution for maneuvering vehicles in narrow or limited spaces, Car Turn Tables allow easing any traffic up against the entrance or exit to any place. It is an easy to install in-ground electric powered turntable, which requires limited maintenance and can be laid on any garage floor or existing driveway. TTE offered turntables are ultra-thin, multi-directional and are completely programmable. It can be either in epoxy or hot galvanized anti-skid tread plates. As an add-on, they can also be customized to have tile or synthetic grass platforms to match the driveway.

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