With an outstanding portfolio of global brands, TTE provides 360° services for all kinds of passenger lifts throughout sectors. Our expertise extends to specialized requirements as well, inclusive of freight and service lifts, villa and home lifts, escalators, wheelchair lifts, industrial platform lifts, scissor lifts, vehicle lifts, underground (hidden) car lifts, turntables and car park stackers.

Range of Passenger Elevators

MR & MRL Elevators

Machine Room (MR) Passenger Elevators require a separate room above the elevator hoist way that would house all its major driving components. The Machine Room Less (MRL) Passenger Elevators do not require a
separate machine room, and the major components are housed within the elevator hoist way. MRL elevators are designed for energy, space-saving and cost-reduction, and fully embodies the concept of green culture. It is a breakthrough concept that brings forth the possibility of increasing building space with modern architecture.

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Panoramic Glass Elevator

The panoramic elevators calls for precision designing and engineering. As an expert, TTE’s technically trained team of engineers have a wealth of experience and capabilities to fulfil this need. We offer panoramic glass observation elevators in square, full and semi-circular shapes within a masonry shaft or self-supporting metal structure.
As a customized solution, we also offer circular glass elevators with curved glass doors. This category of elevators are ideal for malls, hotels, luxury buildings, luxury villas and office complexes.

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Home Lifts for Villas

Specially customized to suit the upscale design trends in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates in the UAE, our home lifts are opulent additions that are technologically advanced and come with three different means of lifting solutions using COGBELT electric traction technology, Hydraulic technology and Screw-driven technology. TTE’s portfolio of home lifts are featured packed, fulfilling specialized client needs and installed within quick timelines. All our lifts are fully compliant with European Safety Standards and are suitable for private and public use.

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Wheelchair Lifts for Disabled Access

TTE’s partnership with global leaders that manufacture wheelchair platform lifts and stair lifts are becoming increasing popular with the ever growing needs of the UAE. These services are considered to be a great value add to this region and its community. We offer variations in this category such as platform and stair lifts for ease of mobility. Each with its unique list of applications and features are tested and assured of safety and quality owing to its TÜV standards and CE certifications.

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