In the crucial segment of Industrial projects, TTE is the one-stop source for solutions and interdisciplinary expertise.

We are well versed in all relevant mechanical, electrical and environmental engineering disciplines and our experience ensures that our design and build services meet with a high level of acceptance globally.

Capabilities in Industrial

Warehouse & Storage Facilities

We provide a full range of market leading mechanical and electrical engineering building services, from complex shell and core to full fit outs.

We design to minimize energy usage, maintenance and water use and focus on sustainable designs that are efficient, scalable and

Manufacturing & Production Facilities

We understand that each manufacturing or production facility has unique
requirements. Our experts work closely with you to understand your needs and
develop solutions that meet your specific requirements.

Our MEP solutions for manufacturing and production facilities include electrical
systems, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, plumbing, and
drainage, fire protection systems, and more. We also provide energy-efficient
solutions that can help you reduce your energy costs while ensuring maximum

We use the latest technologies and tools to design, install, and maintain MEP
systems that meet the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and sustainability.
Trust us to provide you with expert solutions that meet your needs and exceed your

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