In collaboration with Diehl Metering, TTE offers smart water solutions that combine cutting-edge technology with customer-centricity. These are tailored solutions that deliver long-term benefits, with an intent to optimize cost savings, drive operational efficiency and improve asset management. The benefits you can yield from Diehl Metering is a flexible, robust and future-proof network offering access to the Internet of Things (IoT), along with reduced leaks, improved measurement accuracy and customer satisfaction, while simultaneously contributing towards sustainability.

Water Meters

One of the most flexible and universally applicable flow measurement systems available. Ideal for the applications where low pressure drop and low maintenance are required.

BTU Meters

A variety of reliable and durable BTU energy meter systems designed for measuring thermal energy in water-based systems accurately and programmed to suit all applications.


Guaranteeing quality, reliability and efficiency, TTE together with Diehl Metering offers the best IZAR radio system to deliver automated readings, outstanding range and enduring performance. Compatible across a wide range of smart metering solutions, our data connectors provide maximum flexibility with smart data collection.