Brazed heat exchanger

Danfoss’ state-of-the art Micro Plate™ technology feature gives you more from your district heating and cooling applications.


  • Compact size, low weight
  • High working pressures (for use with refrigerant R 410A; up to 45 bar (653 psig))
  • High efficiency evaporator closer approach temperatures
  • Reduced risk of freezing
  • Low internal hold-up volume
  • Less pressure drop to reduce pumping costs and pump size
  • High design flexibility with many connections & configurations options
  • High-quality manufacturing

Standard plate heat exchangers

Designed to accommodate high-volume vapor flows, this product features a large inlet for the vapor stream.

  • Lower energy consumption.
  • High performance for a low pressure drop.
  • No need to disconnect the heat exchanger from the piping to perform inspection, cleaning, or service.
  • Compact solution with a small footprint, simple installation, and easy access for maintenance.

Free Flow plate heat exchangers

Danfoss’ SONDEX® Free Flow plate heat exchangers are excellent choices for applications that use media with particle-rich contents, fouling tendency, or high viscosity. The contact-free plate channels ensure an unimpeded flow and long intervals between cleaning.


  • Gentle media treatment and even distribution ensure top product quality.
  • Efficient heat transfer and longer cleaning intervals maximize campaign operation value.
  • Wide plate gap and sizable channels prevent fouling with no stagnant zones.

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