All-purpose commercial refrigeration condensing units with high efficiency and ease of installation.

Air Cooled Condensing Unit: AU/ AU2 Series

• The condensing units’ range is designed to guarantee best performances, reduced dimensions and low noise emissions.
• These units represent the standard ones and they can be used in all applications.
• The condensing units are fitted with Compressor, air cooled condenser with copper tube and new design aluminum fins, high efficiency electric motor fan equipped with safety grill, liquid receiver with safety valve and anti-vibration damper on discharge piping (when included), gas and liquid piping, steel frame.
• The Dorin condensing units are in compliance with the PED directive 2014 68 /EU.

Water Cooled Condensing Unit: WU Series

• The new condensing units range WU is designed to guarantee best performances and reduced dimensions.
• All condensing units are fitted with Compressor, water cooled horizontal condenser, with discharge valve and safety valve, flexible hose on discharge piping of compressor (when included).
• Water side connections on condenser, make it suitable both for use with mains water and with cooling tower water.
• The Dorin condensing units are in compliance with the PED directive 97/23/EC.

Danfoss Optyma™ Slim Pack-R134a-MBP

• Optyma™ Slim Pack with R134a is an outdoor solution for medium temperature refrigeration.
• Applications: General MBP with display windows, island cabinets, cold rooms, air conditioning and in specific non-commercial applications such as air driers where there is a need to operate in high ambient conditions at medium and high evaporating temperatures. The evaporating temperature range with R134A is from -15°C to +15°C.

Danfoss Optyma™ R404A-R507-LBP A02

• A02: Receiver, shut-off valves, universal pressure switches (KP17WB), flexible hoses, crank-case heater and electrical box.
• Version A02 is available in models for medium and large cooling capacities.
• Compressor, condenser and receiver are fully piped and pre-assembled.
• Models for medium cooling capacities feature single-fan design for very compact footprint.
• Models for large cooling capacities have an additional second fan.

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