TTE affiliated Fuji escalators & moving walks are well reputed, globally. TTE is one of the prominent escalator supplier in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. Fuji Escalators are at par with international standards, in full compliance with EN 115 norms and ensure superior performance, prolonged durability and a unique structural design. The Fuji moving walks on the other hand bring in a new level of simplicity and comfort, allowing easy and safe access even when moving with loads or trolleys. Our offering in escalators and moving walks blends engineering expertise with style and reliability, providing a strong, durable and user-friendly product.

Range of Escalators & Moving Walks


The Fuji range of indoor & outdoor escalators offer superconscious aesthetic designs that are both, viable and sustainable can be installed at either 30° or 35° inclination. The materials used in manufacturing the structure include light and high intensity truss that guarantees the strength of the product.

Safe & long-lasting escalators

Fuji escalators come equipped with more than 21 devices that ensure safety and protection. These mechanisms are National and European Standard compliant. The escalators feature VVVF inverter control, automatic start-stop and slow down operation, automatic lubrication system that helps prolongs products’ operational lifetime.

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Moving Walks

Fuji moving walks helps people walk as easy as walking on firm earth by concise and pragmatic charm which can be installed at either 0° or at 12° inclination. It is widely applicable for various concentrated passenger flow areas such as shopping malls, airports, expo centers, transport stations and such places. Fuji have reduced the floor occupying size of the moving walks due to its compact design of guiderail pre-mounting technology, mechanical system and handrail drive system, thus effectively utilizes the building space

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