Retrofits and refurbishments can help in reducing energy consumption, lowering operational costs and improving the comfort and safety of occupants. These are essentials that for any building establishment that focuses on timely renovation and upgrading requirements of existing buildings, systems and equipment to improve their performance, energy efficiency and overall functionality.

TTE offers retrofits for HVAC, lighting and water systems, as well as refurbishments of interior spaces that include flooring, walls and ceilings. Connect with us for a customized package that caters to your requirements.

Range of Retrofits & Refurbishments Services

Design & Engineering

A well designed and engineered building system can help reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs. The result is improved energy efficiency and enhanced occupant comfort and safety. In the design and engineering services we offer, our technical experts and staff are focused on providing a safe environment, laying emphasis on constructing proper ventilation, lighting and temperature control that best suits the dynamics of a facility.

We apply sustainability to all our designs aiding in the combined goal to reducing carbon footprint.

Project Management

TTE FM Project management scope includes everything from planning and coordination to timely execution and delivery of projects. We handle projects of any nature across industry sectors. Our team our certified project managers are equipped to the successful execute projects, while matching them to achieving set goals and objectives.

Connect with us for improved efficiency, reduced costs, enhanced quality and minimized risks in your facility management.

Testing & Commissioning

A critical process that helps ensure the safety and efficient operation of a system or equipment, TTE FM Soft Services is precise and meticulous when it comes to the testing and commissioning of a newly installed or retrofitted component. We follow stringent and government compliant checks to ensure that all components have been installed accurately and are functioning as intended; and that the system is meeting its performance requirement.

Our technicians offering the highest quality of services will ensure that the system is well integrated with other components and is operating seamlessly.

After Sales Support

Offering 24/7 assistance 365 days of the year, you can be rest assured that our staff will be reachable at all times. We have team of rapid response staff who are equipped to attend to urgent requests.

Our FM services include the latest technology customer service techniques that are quick, easy and efficient.

For the Complete Suite of Integrated Facilities Management Solutions


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