Explore our portfolio of pumping solutions and pumps ranging from high-pressure, and high-flow to drainage and submersible.

Electric Motors

Empower your operations with our diverse range of electric pump motors, featuring high-performance low voltage motors and reliable submersible motor options.

Package Lifting Stations

Mini-lifting units with impact-resistant underfloor plastic collecting tank for drainage water and for wastewater disposal.

Submersible Mixers

Our submersible motors from HOMA can be used to mix liquids and in municipal treatment plants.

Submersible Borehole Pumps

We specialize in providing deep, reliable water sources beneath the Earth’s surface. Our pumps are engineered for efficiency and longevity, making them ideal for agricultural, industrial, and domestic applications.

Drainage & Sewage Pumps

Our extensive range of high-performance pumps ensures efficient wastewater management for residential, commercial, and industrial needs. Count on us for quality, durability, and expertise in keeping your spaces clean.

High Pressure Pumps

As trusted distributors, we provide robust solutions designed to deliver the force required for your demanding applications. These high-pressure pumps from SAER ensure reliability and performance.

Swimming Pool Pumps

As trusted distributors, we offer a range of high-performance pumps designed to keep your pool inviting. From energy efficiency to superior filtration, our pumps ensure your pool stays at its best, season after season.

Inline Pumps

We provide the precision you need for seamless fluid transportation. Our versatile range of pumps excels in various applications, offering reliability, efficiency, and space-saving design.

High Flow Pumps

Elevate your fluid management with High Flow Pumps from SAER. As dedicated distributors, we offer a selection of powerful pumps engineered for exceptional flow rates. From industrial processes to demanding applications, our high-flow solutions deliver the capacity and performance you require.

Domestic & Residential Pumps

As trusted distributors, we offer efficient solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of your household. From boosting water pressure to safeguarding against flooding, our pumps ensure a seamless flow of water for your everyday needs.