Ultrasonic thermal energy meters unlock efficiencies and promote sustainability. They enable easy transference of smart water meter data into valuable network intelligence that can be further utilized to deliver unique and actionable insights.


SHARKY 775 is an ultrasonic compact energy meter designed for measuring the energy consumption in heating and bifunctional (heating/cooling) application, for billing purposes. Ultrasonic technology offers many benefits: no moving parts (prevents wear and tear of the metering components), low pressure loss, large metering dynamics and low start flowrate, insensitiveness to suspended particles.
• MID approval in class 2 with dynamic range (qi:qp) up to 1:250 (depending on DN), standard 1:100
• Heat-transfer fluid: water
• Complete range from DN 15 qp 0.6 m³/h up to DN 100 qp 100 m³/h
• Low power consumption enabling a long battery lifetime (up to 16 years)
• Integrated radio option
• Modular version, M-Bus, M-Bus RS232, M-Bus RS485, Modbus RTU RS485, Analog outputs 4-20mA, pulse outputs and inputs
• Programmable installation side (in option)


The ultrasonic compact energy meter SHARKY 774 can be used to measure energy usage for invoicing purposes in heating and cooling applications. The transit time is used as the foundation for the static measurement principle.
• Smart AMR Meter
• Radio M-Bus or wM-Bus. It is possible to get the best transmission performance when combined with Diehl Metering AMR System technology.

• Continuously high measuring speeds (flow: 2s; temperature: 16s) with a battery life of up to 12 years. Every two seconds, current power is calculated and updated.
• Compared to A-cells, AA-cells have 0.7 g less lithium each piece.
• Corrosion-resistant hard-solder springless battery contact
• PTB K7.2 and MID class 2.
• MID mechanical class M2 and electromagnetic class E2 are less responsive to negative influences, such as the offending PWM pump.
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