Data Concentrator

The IZAR Radio Data Concentrator Premium 2 is the most powerful data concentrator of Diehl Metering’s RDC product family. The fixed network receivers are already in the 4th generation and combine longtime experience with numerous devices in global operation. The IZAR RDC Premium 2 can reach highest reading performance in regards to reading range, data timeliness and data granularity under harsh environmental conditions.

• Capacity for up to 50,000 devices

• Extreme extended reception range with Mioty® for Metering

• Intelligent telegram filtering

• Highest meter data availability with On-Demand Reading

• Brown-Out Detection with an energy buffer allowing to store last data

• 2way2receiver communication allowing access to gateway from any place

• High On-Board-Security and communication protected against unauthorized access

•  LAN and WAN 4G (LTE) for data transmission

• IP 65 as well for LAN while using our LAN connector accessory

IZAR Center

The IZAR CENTER as an M-Bus level converter is able to do readings of M-Bus meters with very high resolution (up to 1 minute possible) and over vast distances (5 km and more by using repeaters). The reading of IZAR RADIO meters is possible by using the IZAR RECEIVER M-BUS.

• 25, 60, 120 or 250 M-Bus devices connectable to one IZAR CENTER

• Automatic transmission of meter data via internet connection using integrated LAN interface or external analog modem

• Automatic meter identification by searching the M-Bus network

• Fast and standardized up-to-date communication interfaces

• (Remote) reading and configuration via USB, RS232/modem or LAN interface

• Alarm functionality on consumption and on instantaneous values with e-mail notification

• Compact housing with rail-mounting possibility

• M-Bus master and level converter in one device. IZAR CENTER (without memory) can also be used as M-Bus repeater (amplifier)

• Cascadable to connect more devices or to build up larger M-Bus networks

• Also available as pre-configured system with or without modem in IP 55 or IP 66 installation housing.


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