Dunlop Building




The ESAG Real Estate property, Dunlop went through a major energy retrofit overhaul for its commercial building in Karama, Dubai, in order to decrease cost spends and emissions. This was part of the company’s Sustainability initiative. After an in-depth energy audit, TTE Engineering’s ESCO team identified that the busy facility with in house chillers and pumping system, FAHUs, AHUs, FCUs was being operated in manual mode without being demand based. Spread across G+4+Roof, the systems that TTE recommended that need replacement were air cooled chiller, CHW pumps, FAHU, AHU, FCU, Lighting, BMS, and water pumps with conventional systems. The team also conducted a training and awareness program for the benefit of the staff working at the facility, educating them on the usage of the newly installed systems. State-of-the-art O&M techniques were prescribed, which led to chilled water optimization retrofit and notable savings. The estimated annual energy avoidance for this project is at 110 MWh with the estimated annual cost avoidance at 50,000 AED, annual savings at ~10% and carbon reduction by 49,500kg of CO2

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