CLIMAVER Plus R® is Glass wool based pre-insulation duct system for air-conditioning, ventilation and heating systems. It meets and exceeds the international standards for Glass wool based pre-insulated duct system.

CLIMAVER Plus R®  is Glass wool based pre-insulation duct system that is safe and reliable thus making it as one of the best choice for energy saving & higher productivity for all projects and especially for Green building projects.

CLIMAVER®  solution is the easy-to install air duct alternative that provides high levels of noise control, thermal insulation, air tightness and UL fire rated.


CLIMAVER® is a glasswool based pre-insulated duct system for HVAC cooling systems. CLIMAVER® offers superior acoustic comfort, thermal performance and high level of airtightness to keep your air fresh and making the system energy efficient.

CLIMAVER® Neto reduces noise levels generated by fans and air-conditioning units providing superior acoustic comfort to the building occupants. The duct is highy absorbent, including at low frequencies, where the problem of noise generated by the AHU or ventilation machine is greater.


Typical example: Acoustic attenuation in dB for 5m of 400x200mm duct
Product Frequency (Hz)
125 250 500 1000 2000
Metal duct 2 2 7.5 7.5 3
CLIMAVER® Plus 8.5 8.5 8.5 38.5 30
CLIMAVER® Neto 18 43 52.5 62.54 68


  • Increases the level of acoustic comfort of your buildings
  • No need for additional acoustic insulation liners inside the ducts
  • No need for silencers or sound attenuators (depends on system design)


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