World FM Day – Celebrating frontline heroes

May 11, 2023

On World FM Day, which was on May 10th this year, TTE celebrated the frontline heroes from its Facilities Management division, who work tirelessly to ensure that the homes, workplaces and buildings of clients are efficient, safe and comfortable. With this year’s theme being ‘Making a Real Difference’, over the past weeks TTE engaged with colleagues in back-to-the-floor activities, organized safety-themed quizzes and recognized excellence in safety at the contract and individual level. Dilip Kumar Sharma, Executive Vice President and Marc Daly, Vice President, FM, TTE presented the Excellence in Health & Safety Award to the Etihad Water & Electricity (EWE) contract team, while the individual safety award was handed over to Sanoj Saritha, part of the Hard Services team. The winners were congratulated for exemplary customer service managed in the safest manner and with zero incidents.

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