Our VRF systems allow operators to control the comfort of an entire building using premium technologies that offer a superior level of flexibility and energy efficiency. From commercial properties to modern apartment blocks, we cater to different types of projects that require multi-zone management. We offer a selection of user-friendly customization features and controller options.

Hitachi JNBBQ Series

In built with a heat pump for high ambient region, the JNBBQ Series offers a wide range of models in its line-up, as well as a variety of performance enhancements in design, power and economy.

Features & Benefits:

• Higher performance in both EER & COP
• Newly developed compressor
• Redesigned heat exchanger
• Piping flexibility
• A wide range of external static pressure

Ducted ESP

Space saving design. 300mm (3.0-6.0 HP class) or 470 mm (8.0-10.0 HP class) height.


RPIL-HNAUNQ [1N-, 220-240V/ 50 Hz]

RPI-FSNQL [1N-, 220V / 60 Hz]


Medium ESP

RPIH-HNAUNQ [1N-, 220-240V/ 50 Hz]

RPI-FSNQH [1N-, 220V / 60 Hz]

RPI-FSN3Q [3N-, 380-415V/50 Hz][3N-, 380 V/60 Hz]


High ESP

RPIH-HNAUNQ [1N-, 220-240V/Hz]

RPI-FSNQH [1N-, 220V / 60 Hz]

RPI-FSNQ [3N-, 380-415V/50 Hz][3N-, 380 V/ 60 Hz]

4 way Cassette- Compact type

RCIM-FSN4 [IN-, 220-240 V/ 50 Hz] [1N-, 220 V/ 60 Hz]

Dimensions correspond with 600mm x 600mm architectural module ceiling design specifications.

Quiet operation level (as low as 24.5 dB (A))

Wide range of air flow rate ideal for high ceiling installation with 4.6m air blow down in cooling mode.

4 way Ceiling Cassette RCI-FSKDNQ

RCI-FCKDNQ [1N-, 220-240V/50 Hz] [1N-, 220V/60 Hz]


  • With area of air distribution with 4 direction of louvers (distribution with distance available with optional parts (duct flange)).
  • Motion sensor available for better energy saving operation.
  • Individual four-way louvers for greater comfort for individual users.
  • Ideal for a higher ceiling location for installation (up to 5.5m in cooling mode).

Exposed floor/ ceiling convertible type RPFC-FSNQ

RPFC-FSNQ [1N-, 220-240 V/ 50 Hz] [1N-, 220V/ 60Hz]

  • Fully floor mounted or ceiling suspended installation convertible
  • Easy installation
  • Fresh air-intake design
  • Optional drain pump available

Wall mounted type RPK-FSNQS

RPK-FSNQA [1N-, 220-240 V?50Hz] [1N-, 220 v / 60 Hz]

RPK-FSN4M [1N-, 220-240 V?50Hz] [1N-, 220-240V / 60 Hz]


  • Simple installation procedure.
  • Flexible discreet design suitable to any interior.

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