ROTHENBERGER is a worldwide leader in premium professional tools for installation, maintenance, and AC/Refrigeration technology. Renowned for its quality and design these tools are widely used across the industry TTE supplies these all over the country.

We distribute Rothenberger HVAC tools in Dubai and the UAE.

Rothenberger Analogue Manifold Two-way

• Analogue Manifold two-way.
• 1/4″ SAE
• Easy to read, with high precision display.
• Maintenance free

Rothenberger Manifold Set

• Analogue Manifold PLUS four-ways.
• Features 80mm large pressure gauges, large hand valves with color coding, aluminum valve body and pressure gauges.

Rothenberger 3-piece Pressure Hose Set

• Pressure hose from the PLUS series with ball valve.
• 1/4″ SAE (R22, R134A, R407C, R404A)
• Working pressure 60 bar/best pressure 300 bar.

Rothenberger Toolset Climate

• Practical toolkit with all tools required for installation and maintenance of air conditioning units and heat pumps.

Rothenberger Filling Hose with Pressure Gauge

• For refrigeration – air conditioning engineer.
• Connects to nitrogen regulator via 1/4″ refrigerant hose.
• 1/4″ SAE connections
• Class 1.0 gauge bar/PSI reading.

Rothenberger Nitrogen Set

• Multiple uses for refrigeration systems.
• Leak testing & locating
• Nitrogen set & vacuum gauge

Rothenberger Ro-Leak

• Electronic leak detection device for locating leaks in refrigeration systems (3 g/a).
• Highly sensitive sensor tip with detection rate of 3 g/a within 3 seconds.
• Exact and quick leak location.

Rothenberger ROAIRVAC

• Two-stage rotary vane pump for evacuation in accordance.
• Fast filling of oil without spilling, no special funnel required.
• Easy access to the oil drain plug makes emptying quick.
• Standard 1/4″ SAE connection, as well as 5/16″ SAE and 3/8″ SAE adaptor included in delivery.

Rothenberger ROREC

• Refrigerant recovery device.
• Compact and portable for recovery and recycling refrigerants of all kinds.
• Four-pole motor guarantees the durability of the machine.

Rothenberger ROREC-PRO

• Compact, portable device for recovery of halogenated refrigerants of every kind.
• Maintenance free operation with oil-free two-piston compressor.
• Four-pole motor guarantees the durability of the machine.
• Automatic shut-off after the evacuation process is finished.

Rothenberger ROSCALE 120

• Electronic refrigerant scale
• Precise and easy to handle refrigerant scale for filling and evacuation processes with a maximal weight capacity of 120 kg.
• Large LCD display for comfortable reading of the result.
• Bottle adaptor for connecting small refrigerant bottles (1 & 2 liter bottles).

Rothenberger Roklima ® Multi 4F

• Fully automatic commissioning and maintenance of air conditioning units.
• The innovative unit enables safe and comfortable operation on refrigeration systems.
• Pressure resistance up to 80 bar guarantees full use with heat pumps.

Rothenberger ROCADDY 120

• ROCADDY 120 Digital
• Universal sets for evacuation and charging.
• This set is suitable for HVAC and refrigeration/air conditioning installers for the installation, maintenance and repair of refrigeration and air conditioning systems and heat pumps.

Rothenberger ROCOOL 600

• For commissioning, maintenance work and documentation of refrigeration systems.
• Modular system: The basic device can be fitted with the optional Red Box.
• Simultaneous calculations of super-heat and sub-cool can be achieved.

Rothenberger Red Box

• This memory storage unit’s Inc. software and cable uses the Data Viewer software to enable data to be read out and recorded on a PC.
• You can also generate automatic reports based on the data recorded, which is ideal for sharing with customers/clients.

Rothenberger Easy Fire

• Soldering unit for CU-brazing joints up to Ø 15 mm and soft soldering up to Ø 22 mm.
• Suitable for multi gas 300
• Piezo ignition enabled

Rothenberger Super Fire 3

• Ergonomic heavy-duty brazing unit up to Ø 28 mm.
• Soft soldering, brazing and other applications.
• Reliable Piezo ignition (up to 30,000 ignitions).

Rothenberger ROCAM® EXPANDER Power Torque

• For expanding, reducing and calibrating soft and semi hard pipes Ø 8 – 42 mm (5/16″ – 1.3/4″).

Rothenberger Copper Tube Cutters

• Proven pipe cutter for precise cutting of pipes 6-42 mm.
• Tube cutter 35 MSR and 42 MSR PRO for multi-layer composite pipes.
• Tube cutter 42 PRO PVC for PVC pipes.
• Retractable internal pipe deburrer.

Rothenberger Universal Internal & External Deburrer

• Effortless and quick deburring of copper, steel and stainless-steel pipes Ø 6-54 mm.
• Universal adaptor suitable for deburrer from other manufacturers.

Rothenberger ROBEND® H+W PLUS

• For accurate cold bending up to 180°, 8-22 mm (5/16″-7/8″).
• Universal application sanitary HVAC and refrigeration industry.
• Free-hand bending possible with the additional handle up to Ø 18 mm/5/8″.

Rothenberger MAPP® Gas

• Special gas mix for high-performance soldering work.
• Flame temperatures up to 2,700 °C and 35% faster than propane.

Rothenberger MultiGas 300

• A range of 3x sizes of multi gas propane/butane mixed gas cartridges and 1x 100% butane gas cartridge to suit many soldering and heating products in the market.
• Mixed gas has a flame temperature of 1900ºC and the cartridges are supplied with the universal 7/16″ European thread.

Rothenberger Vacuum Pumps

• Range: Dual stage & Single stage
• Dual stage – 3.0 CFM, 6.0 CFM, 9.0 CFM
• Single stage (Model#150005005) – 2.5 CFM 1/4HP 230-50HZ

Rothenberger Refrigerant Recovery Cylinder

• Model 12777RO
• Capacity: 40 LTR

Rothenberger Refrigerant Charging Scale

• Model R17300416
• Digital 120Kg

Rothenberger Flaring Tools

• Model A23350: Flaring & Swaging Set 7/16″-3/4″
• Model 1500000138: Flaring Tool – 3/16″-3/4″

Rothenberger Copper Pipe Bender

• Model 2.5151: Multi Bender – 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″
• Model 8.0164: Multi Bender – 1/2″, 3/4″
• Model 9.0164: Multi Bender – 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 7/8″

Rothenberger Copper Pipe Cutter

• Model 7.1923: Copper Tube Cutter 6-28MM
• Model 7.1924: Copper Tube Cutter 6-42MM
• Model 1000045: Copper Tube Cutter ROTRAC Chrome 6-28 MM
• Model 070640E: Mini Tube Cutter 6-22MM

Rothenberger Ratchet Wrench

• Model 1148.01: Ratchet Wrench – 3/16″, 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″
• Model 1000000216: Adjustable Plier
• Model 1000000218: Adjustable Plier

Rothenberger Copper Pipe Expanding Tools

• Model 1.2324: ROCAM EPT Set – 1/2-5/8-7/8-1.1/8″
• Model 2.2121: TEE Extractor Set – 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 7/8″
• Model 2.2124: TEE Extractor Set – 1/2″, 5/8″, 7/8″, 1-18″

Rothenberger Maxi Tube Bender

• Model 023022X: Maxi Tube Bender 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 7/8″

Rothenberger Refrigerant Manifold Gauge

• Model 1000050065: Manifold Gauge without Sight Glass – R-12, R-22, R-134, R-407.
• Model 1000050068: Manifold Gauge without Hose – R-12, R-22, R-134, R-407.
• Model 1500000128: Manifold Gauge with 3ft Hose – R-12, R-22, R-134, R-407.
• Model 1000050092: Manifold Gauge – R-410
• Model 1705.53: Basic Plus Manifold for R-22, R134, R-407.
• Model A1705.55: Manifold Gauge for R-22, R-410, R-134.
• Model 1000000572: Digital Manifold Gauge for all HFC/HCFC refrigerants.

Rothenberger Refrigerant Manifold Hose

• Model 1500000142: 3FT Charging Hose
• Model 15000050017: 6FT Charging Hose

Rothenberger Single Pressure Gauge

• Model 1500000144: Low Pressure Gauge R-22, R-134, R-407, R-12.
• Model 1500000145: High Pressure Gauge R-22, R-134, R-407, R-12.
• Model A1707.14: HP Gauge Basic Plus R-22, R-134, R-407, R-12.
• Model A1707.13: LP Gauge Basic Plus R-22, R-134, R-407, R-12.
• Model A1707.05: LP Standard Gauge R-22, R-134, R-410.
• Model A1707.06: HP Standard Gauge R-22, R-134, R-410.

Rothenberger Pressure Test Pumps

• Model 60200: RP50 up to 60 Bar
• Model 60250: TP25 up to 25 Bar

Rothenberger Leak Detector

• Model A0873.04: Refrigerant Leak Detector

Rothenberger Digital Thermometer

• Model A0884.00: Digital Pen-type Thermometer

Rothenberger Soldering Gas

• Model 3.5510: Multi Gas
• Model 3.5698: Map Gas
• Model 3.5900: Butane Gas

Rothenberger Soldering Torch Set

• Model 3.5428: Multi Gas Set with Torch
• Model 3.5429: ROFIRE Piezo with Torch
• Model 3.5931: FOFLAME Piezo Butane Gas Set

Rothenberger Soldering Torch

• Model 254400000: Super Fogo Torch for Map Gas
• Model 35014/35016: ROFIRE Swivel Torch for Map Gas
• Model 1500002196: ROFIRE Global Torch for Map Gas

Rothenberger Brazing Rod & Powder

• Model 4.0094B: 0% Silver Brazing Rod
• Model 4.5055: 45% Silver Brazing Rod
• Model 3.5611: Brazing Powder

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