TTE is a leading copper fittings supplier in the region. We supply copper pipes and fittings for various industrial applications and can cater to the unique requirements of all kinds of projects. Our range of products are durable and manufactured in compliance with industry recognized quality standards.


• Copper Elbows are used to change the direction of the flow of water 45 or 90 degrees. These fittings are connected directly to a copper pipe. Copper 45 & Copper 90 Street Elbows are also used to change the direction of the flow of water 45 or 90 degrees.


• Copper reducers are a type of pipe fitting that is compatible with water, gas and oil systems. They are also safe to use with drinking water systems and can be used to join pipes of different diameters.


• The copper end feed fittings are a simple, reliable and cost-effective method of joining copper pipework. They are suitable for use on hot and cold water services, heating installations, fuel services and industrial engineering applications.


• Copper couplers are used to extend the run of a pipe, or change pipe sizes.

Other copper fittings

• Copper pipe fittings are ideal for plumbing and pipe installation and offer a speedy, convenient solution for amateurs and professionals alike.

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