Air conditioner filters are a crucial part of the HVAC system. Not only do they help clean and purify the air moving around the space, but also prevent contamination of the HVAC system. The main focus is to keep dirt, dust, and allergens out of the HVAC system. Filters help the cooler air become cleaner, prevent build-up on the coils and the inner workings of the system.

VLT® du/dt Filter MCC 102

• Compared to sine-wave filters, the du/dt filters have a cut-off frequency above the switching frequency.
• Voltage at the motor terminals is still PWM pulse shaped, but the rise time and Upeak are reduced.
• Smaller, weigh less and have a lower price compared to sine-wave filters.
• Range: 3 x 200 – 690 V (up to 880 A)

VLT® Advanced Active Filter AAF 006

• The VLT® Advanced Active Filter AAF 006 improves system efficiency and increases grid robustness to avoid downtime.
• It can compensate for individual drives or it can be installed as a compact standalone solution at a point of common coupling to compensate for several loads simultaneously.
• Supply Voltage & Power Range
– 380-480 V 190-400 A

VLT® Common Mode Filter MCC 105

• VLT® Common Mode Filters MCC 105 (HF-CM) cores are special nanocrystal line magnetic cores which have superior filtering performance compared to regular ferrite cores.
• They act like a common-mode inductor (between phases and ground).
• Supply Voltage & Power Range
– 3 x 380-690 V 10-480 A

VLT® Brake Resistor MCE 101

• VLT brake resistor is optimized for the FC-series and general versions for horizontal and vertical motion.
• Built-in thermo switch.
• Versions for vertical and horizontal mounting.
• A selection of the vertically mounted units are UL-recognized.

VLT® Advanced Harmonic Filter AHF 005 and AHF 010

• Optimized harmonic performance for VLT® drives rated up to 250 kW.
• Perfect match for industrial automation, highly dynamic applications and safety installations.
• Supply Voltage & Power Range
– 3 x 380-690 V 10-480 A

VLT® Line Filter MCC 107

• The VLT® Micro Drive Line Filter combines a harmonic filter and an EMC filter to improve the low frequency and high frequency performance of the line current to the VLT® Micro Drive.
• The line filter can be used for filtering several small VLT®Micro Drives. In this case the line filter should be derated by one size.

VLT® Sine-wave Filter MCC 101

• VLT® Sine-wave Filters are positioned between the AC drive and the motor to provide a sinusoidal phase-to-phase motor voltage.
• Reduces motor insulation stress and acoustic noise from the motor.
• Prolongs service lifetime.
• Supply Voltage & Power Range
– 3 x 200 – 690 V 2.5 – 800 A

VLT® Line Reactor MCC 103

• Ensures current balance in load-sharing applications, where the DC-side of the rectifier of multiple drives is connected together.
• UL-recognized for applications using load sharing.
• When planning load-sharing applications, pay special attention to different enclosure type combinations and inrush concepts.

VLT® All-mode Filter MCC 201

• VLT® All-mode Filter MCC 201 output filters are dual mode low-pass sine-wave filters operating differential mode and common mode.
• These filters suppress the switching frequency component from the drive and smooth out the phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground output voltage of the drive to become sinusoidal.

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