Ensuring a clean, healthy and welcoming environment for employees, customers and visitors, TTE FM offers a comprehensive range of soft services that helps maintain your facility premises clean and presentable at all times. Our experienced and trained cleaning staff use innovative methods, the latest equipment and techniques to ensure your facility remains clean, healthy and welcoming.

Range of Soft Services

Building Cleaning Services

Building Cleaning Services such as Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) & Call-out Cleaning are essential services that TTE offers as part of our comprehensive FM Soft Services. In our AMC offerings we provide regular maintenance, inspections, preventive maintenance and emergency repairs for systems and equipment. These include HVAC, plumbing, electrical and fire safety systems. Every project is assigned an efficient team consisting of male and female cleaners, team leads, cleaning machine operator and supervisor.

We also offer Call-out Cleaning services for special occasions and/or emergencies. The range of services include deep cleaning, carpet shampooing, floor polishing, marble crystallization, upholstery, waxing, parking cleaning and road sweeping. Our rapid response team is available 24/7 to respond and efficiently attend to any urgent cleaning needs. We use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that your facility is cleaned thoroughly and quickly.

Hygiene & Equipment

Effective hygiene and equipment management are crucial for maintaining a positive and productive environment, promoting good health and preventing the spread of disease. In this regard, the services we offer include maintenance of hygiene consumables, air-freshener service, sanitary bin, urinal dripping system, supply of cleaning chemical and tools, and cleaning machine rentals. As part of equipment management we ensure that all equipment necessary for maintaining cleanliness, such as vacuum cleaners, mops and cleaning supplies, are properly maintained and stocked.

Hospitality & Hotel Services

We understand the importance of offering guests a comfortable and memorable experience during their stay in hotels and other hospitality establishments.

TTE has a team of reliable and well trained housekeeping staff. From concierge services to room attendance, public area cleaning, kitchen steward, laundry attendance and bellboy service our goal is to provide exceptional customer service.

Facade Cleaning

Maintenance and upkeep of building exteriors is as important as keeping the indoors clean. Facade cleaning requires specialized skills to clean windows, walls and other exterior surfaces, especially if the facility is a skyscraper.

At TTE we offer a range of services that uses various techniques such as pressure washing, steam cleaning and the use of specialized cleaning equipment. Our service extends to a variety of building types such as commercials, residential and industrial.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

As part of its Facility Management services, TTE provides regular cleaning and sanitization for swimming pools in order to ensure hygiene, safety and security. We provide pool maintenance service for different types of pools.

We have a dedicated team of experienced staff who can help maintain and sustain the pool, which can immensely aid in bringing down operational costs. Contact us for complete pool maintenance services, as well as specialized services such as water treatment, chemical supply, water legionella and microbiological test

Waste Management

A well-managed waste management program can help to reduce waste-related costs, enhance the health and safety of individuals, and promote a cleaner and healthier environment. The FM services we provide ensures exactly this. We offer proper collection of general waste, food grade waste, chemical waste and garbage chute cleaning services, along with disposal of waste bins.

We firmly believe that effective waste management helps in promoting environmental sustainability and reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills and ultimately minimizes the environmental impact of waste disposal. TTE FM offers waste management services that can be customized to suit the needs of clients, and can include hazardous waste management, medical waste management, and e-waste management, among others.

Other Services

TTE FM is a specialized entity offering a wide range of soft services that aids in maintaining the upkeep of a facility. Along with the broad category of services we provide, we also handle other services specialized services such as pest control, water tank cleaning, security services, landscaping and life guard.

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