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    TTE Products & Solutions

    We specialize in the supply and distribution of a wide range of HVAC and Refrigeration products and accessories, Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), Pumps, Advanced Metering Solutions, Copper Coils, Pre-insulated Ducts, Compressors, and much more. Manufactured by leading global brands, all the products in our vast portfolio have energy efficiency and sustainability at the core of their design. From commercial refrigeration requirements to industrial needs, trust in our expertise to deliver the perfect solution to elevate your refrigeration system's performance and efficiency.

    TTE Products & Solutions offer a comprehensive array of products essential for all your cooling needs. From top-of-the-line condensing and evaporating units to high-quality refrigerant gases, refrigerant controls, copper pipes and fittings, we provide everything you need to build and maintain efficient and optimal refrigeration systems.

    Our condensing units ensure optimal temperature control, evaporating units absorb heat effectively, selection of refrigerant gases guarantee smooth and reliable operation, and refrigerant controls ensure precise regulation for maximum energy efficiency. Explore our offerings today and discover how our solutions can elevate your refrigeration experience.


    Refrigeration Equipment & Accessories

    Condensing units

    Experience the difference with our premium condensing units - the cornerstone of superior refrigeration solutions. We’ve partnered with brands like Danfoss from Denmark, Dorin from Italy and HC Tecumseh from South Africa to bring cutting-edge technology to the UAE. Our condensing units ensure optimal heat removal, maintaining precise temperature control in any refrigerated space.

    From commercial refrigeration to industrial applications, our customizable solutions deliver reliable performance, energy efficiency, and easy installation.

    Below are the condensing units we're offering.

    1. Dorin Air-cooled

    2. Dorin Water-cooled

    1. Danfoss Optyma

    2. HC Tecumseh Air-cooled

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    Evaporating Units

    Engineered with advanced technology and built to the highest industry standards, our evaporating units ensure efficient cooling performance, maintaining optimal temperatures in any environment. Whether you need evaporators for commercial refrigeration, cold storage facilities, or industrial applications, TTE offers reliability, energy efficiency, and easy installation.

    Our partner Alfa LU-VE’s units are designed to enhance performance and maximize efficiency. These Eurovent-certified climate champions deliver a refreshing blast of cool air to large spaces such as factories, offices, and warehouses.

    Below are the evaporating units we're offering.

    1. Optigo FMD

    2. Optigo FMC

    1. Optigo FMS

    2. Blast Freezer

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    Copper pipes and fittings

    Our copper pipes and fittings are manufactured to the highest industry standards, guaranteeing durability, reliability, and exceptional performance. We offer a wide range of products that include copper pancake and rigid lengths for the air conditioning industry.

    Etihad Copper manufactures soft annealed copper coils and hard lengths for HVAC and domestic water distribution industries. (ASTM B280 & B88)

    Below are the copper pipes and fittings we're offering.

    1. Soft annealed coils

    2. Hard drawn straight-length pipes

    3. Copper fittings

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    Refrigerant gases

    Experience the difference with our premium refrigerant gases - the key to superior refrigeration solutions. TTE distributes a wide range of refrigerant gases such as R22, R134a, R404a, R407C, R410a which are used in applications that range from room air-conditioners, automobile air-conditioners, refrigerators and chillers.

    TTE Products & Solutions has partnered with Refron and has an in-house brand, McKinley. Our refrigerant gases are carefully sourced and manufactured to the highest industry standards, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

    Below are the refrigerant gases we're offering.

    1. R22

    2. R134a

    3. R404a

    1. R407C

    2. R410a

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    Refrigerant controls

    By precisely managing refrigerant flow, controls help maintain stable temperatures within refrigeration units, preserving the freshness and quality of perishable goods. Additionally, they enable the system to adapt to varying loads and ambient conditions. Our partner Danfoss is renowned for its ongoing delivery of innovative, energy-efficient, and environmentally responsible components.

    TTE offers tailored solutions to suit the specific requirements of each commercial refrigeration OEM customer, including both customized and off-the-shelf products.

    Below are the refrigerant controls we're offering.

    1. Liquid line controls

    2. Ball Valves

    3. Expansion valves

    4. Solenoid valves

    5. Filter Driers

    6. Sight glasses

    7. Refrigeration spares

    8. Switches

    9. Sensors & Transmitters

    10. Heat exchangers

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