In a short span of time TTE has established Etihad as a leading and well accepted brand in the MENA region competing against some of the leading multinational brands.

Etihad manufactures two main types of Copper pipes soft annealed Copper Coils and Hard Lengths for HVAC and  domestic Water Distribution Industries (ASTM B280 & B88). 


Etihad products are produced in South Korea and Vietnam at ultra-modern facilities and with strict quality controls systems.

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International Standards

ETIHAD seeks to fill the void of quality and reliability for copper pipe products by producing and distributing in the UAE copper pancake and rigid lengths for the air conditioning industry which matches or even exceeds the quality and specification of the best global brands in this segment. In a vastly unregulated product segment most products available do not have specifications printed and fall short in performance by easily pinching and cracking at flare points. ETIHAD guarantees pipe thickness and copper purity and is made in world class manufacturing facility at South Korea and Vietnam.

Our Key Strengths


The only brand that states wall thickness of each pipe size. This avoids speculation about the quality from pinching and cracking during installation.


99.9% purity of copper and tensile strength checked for each batch before shipping.

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