SRH originates from German word ‘Sicher’, which means safe and reliable. The brand reflects these core attributes and is constantly in the process of product R&D, manufacturing, sales, installation and service. A specialised, collectivised transnational operation enterprise through investment, merger and stock restructuring, Sicher Elevator Co. Ltd. is a well-respected brand, globally.

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The SRH range of public transport escalators offer superconscious aesthetic designs that are both, viable and sustainable. The materials used in manufacturing the structure include light and high intensity truss that guarantees the strength of the product.  

Safe & long-lasting escalators 

SRH Elevators come equipped with more than 21 devices that ensure safety and protection. These mechanisms are National and European Standard compliant. The escalators feature automatic lubrication system that helps prolongs products’ operational lifetime.

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Moving Walks 

Blending engineering know-how and style, this reliable and durable solution from SRH is a globally recognised escalator and moving walk specialist.
It is an asset to a quality shopping experience.

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